Enya’s Blog Update

Today has been a really great experience, and it isn’t even over yet! The day started off with a team gathering, talking about what we were going to do to. Then Lacey and I (weather girls) sorted through newspapers and internet sources to find the latest updates on the weather. From these articles we were able to produce a script featuring both national and local weather. Our script was then very kindly edited by Megan who has done a wonderful job. After break, we got on to filming. The studio was very impressive, with cameras at different angles, microphones, an autocue and even our very own green screen! Filming was fun but nerve-wracking at the same time, especially seeing as I couldn’t see the map on the screen! In the end I managed to record my part in one take which is good. We are now finishing off recording each news team’s story to prepare for the final video.

Well it’s goodbye from me for now, but remember to keep on checking up on our progress!!!



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