Lawrence’s Experience of School Report

Below follows Lawrence W’s experience of School Report today

Today, Thursday 21st March, I have been partaking in the BBC school report with Walton High school. I am part of the international news team, when I arrived at school report at around 8:13 in the morning I was ready and raring to go! First of all me and my news team mate Matthew looked through the days newspapers to pick out what we thought was the top international news story of the day. However, at first we could not find any big news stories in the papers so we looked online. There we found plenty of news stories worthy of making our report.

Then, once we had identified two reports, we wrote up our own version of how we would present it. We wrote about attacks in Pakistan and the apology from the Australian Prime Minister concerning forced adoption policies. Once we had done that we could send the script to the tech team ready for the auto-cue. Following the recording of the national news report, we were next to record.

We headed down to the recording studio and once there we got kitted up and started the report. After just a few takes we had finished recording and headed back up to the main headquarters. Upon my return I was requested to write a few paragraphs about my experience of this year’s BBC School Report.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, I had a good time but most of all I loved the fact that we had biscuits. I feasted upon them throughout the day which made me extremely happy. It was delicious! I preferred to have the bourbon biscuits whereas my pal enjoyed the short bread biscuits more, now that they have all gone we have spiralled into a deep depression.


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