Lewis and Matthew’s Account of the Day

Within the beginning myself and the group began to organise the structure with-on how we may approach our report. For the research myself and the partner began to analyse information with-on the internet, linking towards the unique periods of time, which have occurred within the past or within the future. The introducing story had been known as World Book Day, where this inspired a variety of young students to read by choice instead of overwhelming compulsory. Furthermore the second type of story had been researched as fairly unsafe drivers supposedly endangering the children/family. Leading towards the conclusion the third story had been structured as due to the unemployment rate increasing over a period of time, this may unfortunately affect the future development with-on England. Within conclusion the headline had been a present history competition which had influenced a wide range of young students across the United Kingdom, to begin writing within a descriptive, logical manner. Fortunately the news headlines had been researched, the next task had been to write out a script in order to read with-on an auto-queue within the studio, myself and my partner believed it was necessary to write the lines within a simplified, fluent and understandable manner, while attempting for the report to last for a duration of 3 ½ minutes. After half-an-hour the scripts had been written, the concluding stage had been to visit the studio, for a recording session. Myself and my partner entered the facility, fairly overwhelmed from the unique technology, we took our seats, and began the BBC News School Report.


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