News from the Weather team

Hello from Enya and Lacey, we’re the ‘weather girls’! So far we’ve been researching the national and local weather.

I’ve personally found the start of the day very fun and it is great to know that we are all working together to create a piece of the news that could even possibly be as good as the actual BBC news. This is my first time of taking part in the BBC school report, and I am really glad I decided to take part. – Lacey

My first school report has started really well. We’re all working great as a team and are working as hard as we can to meet the tight deadlines. So far we have picked out the main weather articles from across the internet and many newspapers. I am so glad I have decided to take part, and I definitely will again in the future! – Enya

The brief overview for the weather this week will be cold, unsettled and windy with spells of rain heaviest in the West and snow away from the South. There will also be sunshine and showers in the West of the country.


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