Inside School Report #1 – Alice and Sampurna

Inside School Report
When we arrived in the morning, after a quick briefing we got straight to work on scripts. We already knew what story we were doing, since we are the school-based news team. We had found the program for the MK Festival of the Arts and were interrogating Mr Dunning about the Readathon. After break, we went outside to film our first report. It was freezing cold and Sampurna was wearing a short sleeved blouse! After three takes, including one where a woman walked past in the loudest heels you’ve ever seen, we could finally warm up for a few minutes before heading over to the library for our second report. Luckily, it was inside and the library is always warm. During Mr Dunning’s interview, Alice almost burst out laughing at his face and looked as if she was going to blow up. We were done by 11:30 and have been chilling out since, cringing at photos here on the blog and Twitter. The day has been a fantastic experience and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


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