Inside School Report #8 – Eden

Inside School Report
‘Twas a damp spring morn when I, Eden of the Flim, appeared at this school.
And thus began my fifth and last outing as a member of the School Report team. And thus begins this post.

As a member of the Film-Stuff duo, I started my day by reading up on films which would be coming out next year, and I can safely say that now’d be a good time to find a job to pay for your disgusting addictions. Oh, and to pay for cinema tickets. Those too. Ahem. Right! The films! So… I wasted a good hour or two by reading up on films I’m never going to see. I also wrote a script, but for legal reasons, you can never see it. Never. Not ever. Nope. Leave now. Not gonna see it.
Fine, here it is:

Eden And now, the weather,
Jake There are ducks sitting under a pond. They are reading books about geese. A war is coming. A brutal, brutal, brutal war.
Eden Makes odd trumpet sounds

Following that mistake, we went onto filming, which was an unrivalled travesty. You’ll get to enjoy that mistake when it’s finally uploaded. Until then, I’ll amuse you with some more stories of the day: We created a new game called “Mosh Attack”. It’s brutal, we knocked over Georgia. It’s cool, no one was hurt much. Matt L wore a green tie. It looked dreadful, so Matt helped him out. Oh, Matt, my beautiful cat-lord, with his solid gold hair-studs…

Kacey ordered Matt to re-write his blog post, and then she ordered Georgia to write it for him. I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna get done. Ever.

Well, that’s all from me. Ciao.


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