Also in the news…Car theives

A man who was trying to steal a car fled, terrified, after finding a mummified body in the boot. The owner of the Volkswagen Passat, Dean Patton, is the founder of the Big Heritage Group in Wirral. He had a replica peat-bog mummy body in his boot after showcasing it at a local museum. Mr Patton said “Although it is very disappointing that we had items stolen it brings a smile to my face that whoever committed the break in was clearly scared by what they found,”


The first set of photos is now here!


Take a look at the first set of photos from today’s School Report – there’ll be more later:

Also in the news…Friar Tuck!

More news on haircuts from Sarah…

A man who looks like Friar Tuck is being hunted by the police for mugging old women. He has the same haircut as Friar Tuck and the police believe that he is responsible for seven robberies in the last month in Coventry. All of the attacks happened on the same side of the city. The police have said that “these are despicable, cowardly crimes with elderly ladies being specifically targeted before being ambushed from behind.”

Football prediction time!

Take a look at how the School Report team here have predicted that this weekend’s Premier League scores will end up. A little persuasion may have been involved on my part to give Norwich an average of nearly 21 goals (which still wouldn’t serve to make our goal difference positive)! Have a peek and see if you agree:

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Running order for today

A running order has been finalised on the whiteboard in front of me now, and here’s a rundown of how the report will go:

  • Conflicts in the Ukraine and Putin’s involvement
  • Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370
  • Cruelty at an Amsterdam zoo
  • “Burger King Girl” – your guess is as good as mine!
  • Centenary of WWI
  • A preview of films to come in the next month
  • School news
  • Plus an ‘and finally’ – on cupcakes!

Welcome to School Report 2014

The day is underway, and our reporters are beginning to find stories ready for broadcast. Having watched (and cringed!) at last year’s report, a brief running order is being sketched out on the whiteboard. Watch this space for more details throughout the day, and updates from the blogging team when the filming and writing begins.

Gadget Team Blog

We started the day eagerly, with several ideas already of which stories we would cover. We took turns to do some research on the computer, giving feedback on each others stories and picking out the best bits of the information we gathered. When we were done researching, we moved onto phase two; script writing. We re-wrote out the information gathered into a summary in our own words. We definitely completed this phase without any procrastination or anything, we promise.
But seriously, we got our act together soon enough and rehearsed our scripts until we were fully confident with them (well, most of us did anyway). When we were finally called down to the studio, we gave our report with confidence and conviction. We completed each segment in one take, apart from the last one.
Overall, we all had a great time participating in this year’s BBC school report, and we feel mostly proud of our work. We look forward to reviewing the footage, seeing what we did well, how we could improve, and how everyone else did.

Lewis and Matthew’s Account of the Day

Within the beginning myself and the group began to organise the structure with-on how we may approach our report. For the research myself and the partner began to analyse information with-on the internet, linking towards the unique periods of time, which have occurred within the past or within the future. The introducing story had been known as World Book Day, where this inspired a variety of young students to read by choice instead of overwhelming compulsory. Furthermore the second type of story had been researched as fairly unsafe drivers supposedly endangering the children/family. Leading towards the conclusion the third story had been structured as due to the unemployment rate increasing over a period of time, this may unfortunately affect the future development with-on England. Within conclusion the headline had been a present history competition which had influenced a wide range of young students across the United Kingdom, to begin writing within a descriptive, logical manner. Fortunately the news headlines had been researched, the next task had been to write out a script in order to read with-on an auto-queue within the studio, myself and my partner believed it was necessary to write the lines within a simplified, fluent and understandable manner, while attempting for the report to last for a duration of 3 ½ minutes. After half-an-hour the scripts had been written, the concluding stage had been to visit the studio, for a recording session. Myself and my partner entered the facility, fairly overwhelmed from the unique technology, we took our seats, and began the BBC News School Report.

Emma and Emily’s review of the day!

We arrived at Walton High School bright and early; some of us were even ready to go at 7:30! To begin, the various teams had to news gather and scour the morning papers for the best stories to deliver. Some of us wrote short summaries for Twitter, and others wrote more detailed articles for our blog. It wasn’t long before everybody’s scripts were written and edited, and we were ready to begin the arduous task of filming everybody’s components. This lasted throughout the morning, and into the afternoon, keeping the web team busy logging our progress. We prepared the set up of our news report screen, and spent time reading the latest news on the BBC website. We ended on a high note, by taking team photographs that could be shown on our website, blog and Twitter page. It has been a thoroughly enriching learning experience, and we can speak for every member of the Walton High team when we say we all had a great day, and we will be awaiting next year in anticipation.

By Emma and Emily