Inside School Report #9 – Matthew

Inside School Report
The day had began… very dark and dreary. Until I sat upon the chair of youth and began unscrambling the stories of the world onto a Windows 7 computer. (Even though Windows 8 was brought out a year ago.) So it was till then the amazing Mr Dunning had inspired me through the world of camera work. Today I took very stunning photos of the team and recorded my very own report about cruelty in zoos. However the most productive time of the day was when I had stolen headphones from Matt, and subsequently forced him to create beautiful memes of each and every one of us. Today I had also performed as weather reporter and rubbed my hands against a blank green screen (a highlight of the day.) But it wasn’t until I had taken a picture of purple tie and checked shirt (Eden) that it was complete… because then I could leave… BBC school report has been an amazing experience and a great way in which to experience different aspects of media. It really has given me a deep insight into the world of news reports and has been one of the best ALDs yet.


Inside School Report #8 – Eden

Inside School Report
‘Twas a damp spring morn when I, Eden of the Flim, appeared at this school.
And thus began my fifth and last outing as a member of the School Report team. And thus begins this post.

As a member of the Film-Stuff duo, I started my day by reading up on films which would be coming out next year, and I can safely say that now’d be a good time to find a job to pay for your disgusting addictions. Oh, and to pay for cinema tickets. Those too. Ahem. Right! The films! So… I wasted a good hour or two by reading up on films I’m never going to see. I also wrote a script, but for legal reasons, you can never see it. Never. Not ever. Nope. Leave now. Not gonna see it.
Fine, here it is:

Eden And now, the weather,
Jake There are ducks sitting under a pond. They are reading books about geese. A war is coming. A brutal, brutal, brutal war.
Eden Makes odd trumpet sounds

Following that mistake, we went onto filming, which was an unrivalled travesty. You’ll get to enjoy that mistake when it’s finally uploaded. Until then, I’ll amuse you with some more stories of the day: We created a new game called “Mosh Attack”. It’s brutal, we knocked over Georgia. It’s cool, no one was hurt much. Matt L wore a green tie. It looked dreadful, so Matt helped him out. Oh, Matt, my beautiful cat-lord, with his solid gold hair-studs…

Kacey ordered Matt to re-write his blog post, and then she ordered Georgia to write it for him. I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna get done. Ever.

Well, that’s all from me. Ciao.

Inside School Report #7 – Jake

Inside School Report
School report was amazing! This is because of the fun people we got to hang out with and the great info we learned from our almighty leader THE INTERNET. First we found our stories and then put the words on paper. The info I had to gather was about new movies and the cast and the story’s in them e.g. Batman and Superman has Ben. The hardest part was filming because I kept forgetting what I was going to say as you’ll see when you watch it, you are watching it, right? Because if I find out you’re just stalking me then stalk me by watching the news report. The best part was seeing all my friends today and getting to dress sexy. Cheesy, I know, but still that’s my answer.

Inside School Report #6 – Sarah

Inside School Report
Today has been… interesting to say the least. The filming got done very early this time so I had a lot of time to look at odd news headlines and write a few of them up for the blog. We had the computers to gather all the information for our main news reports – I did the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. We made various GIFs of various people (our favourite being the one of Matt in the field). There was a bit of dead time where nobody was really doing anything, but overall it was a very enjoying sort of day. It’s going to be my last school report as next year I will be too old to do it again, and I’m glad that it was so enjoyable.

Inside School Report #5 – Lacey

Inside School Report
After we all got there [the school], we started by selecting which story we would do – I chose a story about a girl who was abandoned by her young mother at a Burger King but found her mother after 28 years having sent an image out through social media. I researched the story and found all the relevant information I could. We then went and did our reports after learning the scripts to a certain extent. It was quite hard doing the report but I thought it went quite well and by lunch everyone had finished. After we finished we had a little break and a joke while the editing team got to work. After we ate the editing continued and we set to writing our blogs…

Inside School Report #4 – Lawrence

Inside School Report
We arrived promptly at 8:16 ready for an 8:30 start to the school report day. Right from the start, the banter was flowing, disses and cusses flying to and fro. Immediately we split our roles and decided what story each of us will report, from massive international stories to local stories and heart-warming tales. I went to BBC to find out all about the Ukraine crisis to give the reader a solid idea of the conflict as well as updating people on the latest stories, in this case Obama’s most recent reaction. We joked and had a good laugh with teachers and students alike so we could both have an enjoyable time and give an informative and successful report at the same time. We all went off to do our reports, mine went splendidly and I was flawless! Then we went to lunch and after we wrote our separate blog explaining what we did throughout the day. Mine went like this…

Inside School Report #3 – Matthew

Inside School Report
This post, in the style of John Agard’s Checking out me History was submitted by Matthew

Dem tell me bout sem skool report
An’ dem computers an’ ol’ sorts
Dem tell me bout Joseph
But dem never tell me bout Lawrence’s murder
He kill dem
All of dem ee kil al’ de people.
Dem tell me bout John Agard
And al’ ‘e say guard
Dem tell me ol’ king Dunners was a merry old soul
But dem never tell me bout Georgia
And ‘er anker
Dem tell me, but they never tell me
And now me checking out mi skool report.

Inside School Report #2 – Georgia

Inside School Report
Filming the Anchor’s parts was a very unique experience; there were issues in locating the required cue cards and blue-tac which is obviously a testament to the organisation of my co-host who was honoured with the task. However, after the initial problems were ironed out, all was well within the studio. The filming process was fun, full of terribly attempted Irish accents and scrambled sentences. We took our time making sure every single take was perfect in order to create a masterpiece of news information. Anchor duties aside, the day has been an entertaining experience that bought together a group of friends who have been taking part in BBC school report, for many of us it may be our last, so we savour this moment to make it last as long as possible. Maybe one day we shall look back on this experience and think “wow, we WERE brilliant”

Inside School Report #1 – Alice and Sampurna

Inside School Report
When we arrived in the morning, after a quick briefing we got straight to work on scripts. We already knew what story we were doing, since we are the school-based news team. We had found the program for the MK Festival of the Arts and were interrogating Mr Dunning about the Readathon. After break, we went outside to film our first report. It was freezing cold and Sampurna was wearing a short sleeved blouse! After three takes, including one where a woman walked past in the loudest heels you’ve ever seen, we could finally warm up for a few minutes before heading over to the library for our second report. Luckily, it was inside and the library is always warm. During Mr Dunning’s interview, Alice almost burst out laughing at his face and looked as if she was going to blow up. We were done by 11:30 and have been chilling out since, cringing at photos here on the blog and Twitter. The day has been a fantastic experience and we can’t wait to do it again next year!