Microblog 2011

NOTE: This microblog is from last year’s school report (2011) and preserved here for archive purposes only.

At the time of entry, there are 200 Posts (And yes, I had to dance) and 6975 words.

It is here we will post the microblog every half-hour. A microblog is a smaller blog project we will manage throughout the day, a collaborative effort amongst many members of our team, which will consist (hopefully) of hundreds of small entries written by a larger group of people. Watch this space!

At 07:54, Joseph wrote: Hello everyone, and welcome to our Micro blog coverage of BBC School Report Newsday 2011!

At 07:57, Mr G wrote: Good morning blogosphere. We’re just about to start work on our mammoth BBC School Report – students are arriving and browsing the news, lanyards are about to be dished out and we’re collecting all our equipment for the filming later 🙂 Here’s hoping it all goes well – good luck to the Walton High students involved and thanks to Joe for creating this amazing little app!

At 08:06, Amy wrote: Hey all of you reading our blog. Good morning this is Breakfast with me Amy S and Joseph W with you until 9:00am

At 08:12, Amy B wrote: Hello Everyone! The National News Team is just about to start researching… as soon as the third member arrives! 😀

At 08:15, Caitlin wrote: Hi everyone, I’m doing the weather today and I am just doing some research now 🙂

At 08:18 , Amy wrote: Hi there I’ve just found the coolest story ever I have just found a story about a white witch in our home town of Milton Keynes going to find our more :d

At 08:25, Emma wrote: Hello! The third member of the National news team is now here! 😀 I’m not sure whether I’m properly awake yet, as it’s still early in the morning, but I’m bouncing around. This is so exciting!!!!! I can’t wait to start. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

At 08:32, Joseph wrote: Hello again from the National news team, things is in full swing here at the Media Suite. How many of these people are researching instead of playing games is unknown to us, but it looks like a good day!

At 08:33, Tommy wrote: Hello again from the National news team, things is in full swing here at the Media Suite. How many of these people are researching instead of playing games is unknown to us, but it looks like a good day!

At 08:35, Tommy wrote: Good morning, people. Tommy S here! I’ll be with you from 9.30am. I am researching the international news at the moment. There’s been a bomb in Jerusalem, and the Libyan unrest continues…

At 08:40, Amy B wrote: Osborne & His Budget is our top story so far! I’m still rather fascinated with my BBC colicky pen! : P

At 08:49, Tommy wrote: Breakfast with Joseph and Amy finishes at 9am. Joseph will be continuing the action until 9.30am. He’ll be interviewing students across the newsroom, finding out what they are doing. I’ll be back with the day team at 9.30am.

At 09:02, Emma wrote: Hello again! The national news team has finally found a news story that is more interesting than boring budgets and the exhausting economy. We have found a story on a blaze in William Wordswoth’s house in the Lake District. We’re planning to “interview” a National trust person. I hope everything goes well. Bye!!! :b

At 09:10, James wrote: Hi there, James just to update you in the international news team- Moritz is moaning, Tommy is blogging and I’m putting together a Libya story

At 09:22, Joseph wrote: Arguments are rife between Ben and the National News team – over some technical details on backdrop. Mr G comes to the rescue!

At 09:25, Emma wrote: ‘Allo ‘Allo (for Joseph’s sake, as he’s mental about the series) and as posted earlier, we had a weenie bit of a technical problem regarding our report, but now it’s fixed. Mr G came to the rescue. 😀 Well, now I’m off to change and write the script! : D see you later!!

At 09:29, Amy wrote: Hey there blogosphere! I’ve finally got my story or should I say stories; Helena and I are trying to gather the viewers’ feelings by doing a story on a baby that has been dumped outside a house at 9:00pm on the 16th of March and we are also doing about a Joey that is being looked after by a very kind keeper at Whipsnade Zoo

At 09:34 , Joseph wrote: That brings us to the end of the 9am slot. Coming up next: Tommy S with continuous coverage of the BBC News School Report 2011. Goodbye for now

At 09:37, Tommy wrote: Thank you Joseph. Hello, this is Tommy S with coverage of the BBC News School Report 2011. Joining me is James S, who will be our Chief Correspondent throughout the day. There is a lot going on at the moment. The backdrop for our studio has been put in. Lots to come between now and 12:30… This is the BBC News School Report 2011… Now let’s get a news update with Emma S.

At 09:41, Emma wrote: Thank you Tommy! Well, I’m back, and we’ve found some images of William Wordsworth’s house burnt down on the BBC website – which is surprising seeming as it’s a minor story. But anyway, James would like to post something. As I have nothing really useful to write, I’ll hand myself over to James, who is bouncing in his chair!! 😀 BYE!

At 09:43, James wrote: ARGH!!!! Can’t think of what to write in my script. Any suggestions about Libya

At 09:46, Tommy wrote: Hello there and welcome to what is a really busy day here in the media suite. Everybody is writing scripts. With me is correspondent Peter D. He’ll have a report regularly before the hour strikes.

At 09:50, Peter wrote: Hey. Over in the tech team corner, the intro, outro and credits are complete! I think that they all turned out alright (although admittedly the credits could be better.) Right, now to wait for the film to be done!

At 09:53, Tommy wrote: Coming up at ten o’clock: a news bulletin with Emma, analysis from chief correspondent James and all the latest tech updates with Peter. We’re here until 12:30 today. It’s going to be a long day, but I’m looking forward to it!

At 09:57 , Caitlin wrote: I’ve have just made the biggest mistake of my life I have just deleted all of my work that I have done since 7:45 this morning now I’ve got to write it all over again 😥

At 09:59, Helena wrote: Breaking News: We have just finished the minstrels!!!

At 09:59, Helena wrote: International News has just had their first team photo. CHEESE!

At 10:04, Tommy wrote: It’s ten o’clock. This is the BBC School Report 2011. I’m Tom S. We’ll have all the latest across the hour. Here with the latest news from the media suite, Emma S…

At 10:08, Emma wrote: Hello! We are now getting pictures of the different news teams, and the technicians are now up. Lovely smiles. The national news team is now practicing their script and are setting up bits and bobs now. Back to Tommy . . .

At 10:10, Tommy wrote: Thank you very much Emma. She’ll have all the news at half past. Now though, a very special guest is here. She says she can contribute every so often. Let me introduce to Miss Ellie M

At 10:12, Ellie wrote: Thanks Tommy! Nearly all of the team have had their pictures now, and scripts are nearly ready, it’s all coming together! Bye for now.

At 10:18, Joseph wrote: Hello again! It’s been a while since I last posted, but things have been moving so fast! Most teams have finished and printed their scripts and are being sent to Megan for checking. See you soon, Joseph.

At 10:19, Emma wrote: This is my last entry before Joe does a backup: CANADA RULES!!! 😀

At 10:20, Amy B wrote: This is really exciting! Our script has been checked & we are good to go, not long until we are filmed! 😀

At 10:22, James wrote: Finally finished my Script. everything is running smoothly here there have been no fall outs….YET!!!

At 10:23, Tommy wrote: Thank you James. The news at half past ten will be coming up shortly. Now, though, let’s get the latest from technology correspondent Peter…

At 10:25, Peter wrote: Just finished the team photo shoot, going to splice the photos over the credits. Fun stuff!

At 10:28, Tommy wrote: I’ve got a little sport bulletin for you. Gareth Bale will miss Wales’ Euro 2012 qualifier against England at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday with a hamstring injury. Coming up: the news at ten thirty, with Emma S…

At 10:31, Emma wrote: Latest news: Oh, hang on, BREAKING NEWS: Tens of thousands oil workers will lose jobs due to higher North Sea tax according to Oil and Gas UK. Sounds a bit tragic to me! I feel sorry for the oil workers. Eeep. D:

At 10:36, Tommy wrote: Hello, and welcome to the blogosphere. I’m Tom S with continuous coverage of the BBC Newsday 2011. Across the hours we’ll have correspondents around the newsroom. Peter D is in the technology corner. Ellie Megram reports from the news studio, and our chief correspondent James S is here with an update. James…

At 10:41, James wrote: me again, Break now but the blogosphere never rests. I’m working through break rehearsing etc. so I’ll be keeping you updated throughout the day.

At 10:50, James wrote: well Tommy’s now recording for a radio show so I’m here to give you a brief summary of what’s been going on so everything’s running to schedule and things are moving swiftly. The current atmosphere is great and everyone is buzzing. Everything is pretty much fine!!!

At 10:52 , Amy B wrote: Joseph has just posted the microblog online & it is looking great! I am currently eating an apple whilst nervously waiting for my turn on screen!

At 10:54 , Tommy wrote: Hello. I’m back! Coming up at eleven: filming updates, posts by Ellie and Oli, and a news update with Emma.

At 11:00 , Emma wrote: BREAKING NEWS at 11:00: Delroy Grant, referred to as the Night Stalker, is found guilty of raping an 89-year-old woman after breaking into her home in 1992.

At 11:02, Tommy wrote: Hello, 11am. So much coming up. I’m about to film the international bulletin. I’ll be back very soon…

At 11:05, Joseph wrote: Hello everyone. The International team is just beginning to record. Moritz and Tommy are literally “pulling out their hair” over the “autocue” system, learning scripts and…They’re nervous on screen!

At 11:08, Amy B wrote: Emma & I have just been practising our script – going well so far! Hope we do well on the real thing! We have just been given some crisps to choose from: ready salted or salt & vinegar, extremely tasty!

At 11:11, Ellie wrote: I’m back! Filming is starting here… We are live in Jerusalem with Tommy and Moritz I believe! You can actually see it coming together. I want some crisps…

At 11:12, James wrote: about to go and film wish me luck

At 11:12, Joseph wrote: Hello. We’re about to go silent for filming…

At 11:18, Ellie wrote: One last post before all is silent… They are reading through and sound incredibly grumpy. Cheery voices!

At 11:21, James wrote: well filming going well….NOT!!!

At 11:24, Ben wrote: We are currently filming Tommy’s and Moritz’s story, but Moritz appears Grumpy. After a few of Mr. Pledger’s gags, we caught him smiling…

At 11:27, Ben wrote: We finally have success! After numerous attempts, we now have a perfect shot of Moritz, reporting on camera. I speak behalf of all; it was a very professional report.

At 11:29, Tommy wrote: Hello, I have just finished filming the international broadcast. Coming up: I will tell you about my experiences before the camera. It’s coming up to 1130; let’s get the latest news here on the blogosphere, with Emma…

At 11:31, Emma wrote: The latest news at 11:30…UK forces have launched further missiles at Libyan air defences during a fifth night of coalition action to enforce an UN-backed no-fly zone. Submarines have now been sent to the coast of Libya to aid rooting our Gadaffi’s forces from Benghazi. Back soon, with your latest news! 😀

At 11:34, Tommy wrote: This is the BBC News School Report. I’m Tom S, bringing you all the latest from the media suite. My experience of being in front of the camera will be revealed shortly. Now, though, let’s get an update from our local news girl: Helena…

At 11:39, Helena wrote: Hello. Helena here reporting on how the local news team’s filming went. Well, Amy and I each had to report on different stories. When I read out my story, it went well until the final line, which I re-read. When it was Amy’s turn, Amy had to re-do her story not just once but twenty times because she just couldn’t stop laughing during the first line. 😀

At 11:43, Amy wrote: Hi there, Blogosphere, Helena has just told you about our filming mishap; well particularly mine – and I apologise. Anyway, I am here to say that the International Team has just finished their filming in front of the whole media suite well done I wouldn’t have the guts or enough laughing power to be able to do it in front of more than 4 people

At 11:48, James Y wrote: Hi Its James Y.  The national news is about to start, it’s all about a big house which has been destroyed by fire…

At 11:51, Tommy wrote: Tommy here again! 12 o’clock begins the last half hour of the day team’s coverage. At 12.30, Emma Street will take over as main presenter, filling you in on the lunch break.

At 11:52, Emma wrote: I can now breathe properly again! Amy and I have finished our National news report. Amy is nervous at the fact that she stuttered and Joe complained that we never smiled. Never mind!! I’m having fun. 😀 See you soon with the news updates at lunch.

At 11:55, James wrote: finished filming a while ago it’s just I haven’t had enough time to update the blog. So here I am. It was an extremely nerve racking and it took a few takes but it went well in the end!!!!

At 11:57, Megan wrote: This marks my first post on this Blogosphere (is that right?). To be honest, there’s not much to do. There’s no need for editing any more now filming has started. I hope I can find a role soon, or else…

At 12:01, Emma wrote: Hello. This is the 12:00 news with Emma. A car bombing in Pakistan kills five. Kenyan forces threaten to cross into Somalia. China is banning smoking in public. And, a baby porpoise washed ashore by the Japan tsunami is rescued. 😀 Awww.

At 12:05, Tommy wrote: its 12 o’clock. This is Tommy with the last half hour of our continuous coverage. Plenty to come. Another three hours until this blog closes. Now let’s get an update from our weather man: Ben G…

At 12:10, Ben G wrote: In Northern Ireland it is 15 ºC, Scotland is 15 º C as well, it’s 16º C in Wales and down in England it is 17º C and there sun the rest of the day.

At 12:13, Tommy wrote: Thank you Ben G. We have so much coming up. Emma will present a full round up of the days main news and sports stories during the lunch break in the day – from 1230 until 1400. Now, here with a bulletin on interesting facts, Eden…

At 12:17, James wrote: sorry but there is a slight difficulty with Eden but he will be on soon. but in the mean time I would just like to say were are at 72 posts oh and were working through the filming swiftly.

At 12:21, Eden wrote: Hello guys. Factoid time! Did you know, the captain of the titanic planned to retire after the maiden voyage of the titanic? Attila the Hun died of a nose bleed after getting really drunk on his wedding night. Jesus was born on the 21st of March in the year six AD. There is more caffeine in an apple than in coffee. Cake is really great with tea.

At 12:23, Tommy wrote: Before I make the transition to the lunchtime team, we do need to have one last report from our chief correspondent James S. He will be here throughout the lunch break, reporting on the biggest news stories. James…

At 12:27, James wrote: Well thanks Tommy. Just before he goes I’ll just give a quick update on what’s going on. Lots of filming has been done and almost all teams have filmed.  There’s just the link team left to film now and then it’s over to the tech team to edit. Tommy…

At 12:29, Tommy wrote: Thank you James. Well, that brings us to the end of our continuous coverage of the school report day. There will be much more at 1400, with Megan and me. Now, though, let’s join the lunch time team. Over to Emma (your guide to getting through the next 90 minutes.)

At 12:31, Emma wrote: Hello! Emma here. I am going to hand you over to Amy for the latest news, and then I shall be back.

At 12:36, Amy B wrote: BREAKING NEWS: Jerusalem Bus Stop Bomb Victim Was British – 30 other people were also injured by the bomb which was left in a bag on the pavement in a local bus station. More from me in half an hour.

At 12:40, Emma wrote: Thank you Amy for the news update, and now we will go to Caitlin for the Weather. Back soon!

At 12:44, Caitlin wrote: Hi everyone, I’m just giving you all a weather update 🙂 Today it is sunny intervals with the maximum temperature reaching around 17ºC. The wind speed is 8mph. I will update this again later. 🙂 Bye

At 12:48, Emma wrote: Hello again. I am now with you until 2:00. Now, let’s join our Chief Correspondent, James, on what is currently going on in our studio!

At 12:50, James wrote: things are going um ok I guess with the link team. We’re currently trying to calm Ellie who seems to be in hysterics. It’s going great…..ish, back to Emma

At 12:53, Emma wrote: Hello, I’m back again. Amy B says hello and we are finally getting somewhere with Ellie’s hysterics. She can’t stop laughing! We have now managed to do the introduction to the weather, Ben getting a wee bit fed up and Mr Pledger making her laugh again. She’s laughing again! We are now going to link to Joseph who shall do some reporting . . . .

At 12:56, James wrote: we are sorry but we are experiencing some technical difficulties with Joseph but we’ll have him on soon

At 12:58, Emma wrote: Thank you James. We have finished filming our intro outro team. Ellie conquered her giggles. It is coming up to 1:00 and we have the news with Amy B . . . .

At 13:01, Amy B wrote: BREAKING NEWS: Police have arrested a man suspected of kidnapping Sian O ‘Callaghan who disappeared on Saturday. Also, a man found guilty of sex attacks on elderly people over 17 years was behind some of most disturbing cases in Scotland Yard’s history, so police say. I will update you again in half an hour.

At 13:04, Joseph wrote: Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in a while as I have been fixing some issues with the Microblog. Please do let us know if you find any more problems!

At 13:05, Joseph wrote: Oh-and I forgot this: “now handing over to Emma…”

At 13:06, Emma wrote: Thank you Joe. I am going to hand you over to Ellie who shall tell us about her rather hysterical experience during the filming . . .

At 13:09, Ellie wrote: I have finally got control of my giggles. Think that might be going in the outtakes! We are nearly all filmed now; this is the part of the day where all the editing will start taking place. Looking forward to seeing the final result. Bye for now. Here’s Ben!

At 13:10, Ben wrote: Well, we’ve just finished filming everything. The editing begins. Fortunately for the reporters, Ollie is making a radio edit of the bulletin. I get to host sport!

At 13:11, Ben wrote: I must say that I am enjoying blogging! The Blogging program created by Joseph (known as blobosphere (Joseph says: No its’ not!)) is very efficient.

At 13:12, Emma wrote:  Hello again – it’s Emma. I’m going to link you to James . . . . .

At 13:17, James wrote: well to give an update of what’s going on currently here at BBC School News Report basically it’s still lunch but people have been adding the final touches to their films and the tech team are starting to edit everything together. Other than that nothing major has happened here and it’s all going fine. Well back to Emma…

At 13:19, Emma wrote: Thank you James. I shall now link you to Ben G who has been wanting to write something for ages. He’s kept himself occupied by playing games. :d Back soon.

At 13:22, Ben G wrote: In the morning I researched about the weather. Now over to Ellie.

At 13:25, Ellie wrote: Hmmmmm, my lunch tastes good! Anyway, I hear this is the 98 blog entry, I feel privileged! I will now leave you with the 99th blog entry with Emma.

At 13:28, Emma wrote: Hello! This is the 99th blog entry and I would just like to say – seeming as no-one else has yet!! – thank you very much to Joseph who spent three tedious weeks writing a program to make this device, Blogosphere (then made a mistake and had to rewrite it last night!). So, here is our hero, who has the pleasure of doing the 100th entry . . . . and afterwards, the news, with Amy. 😀 back soon

At 13:29, Joseph wrote: Hi everyone! This is our 100TH POST and, as I speak, we are all crowded around the monitor (which, to be honest, is rather unnerving!). Anyway, I’ll now hand you over to our News blogger, Amy B. See you soon!

At 13:32, Amy B wrote: BREAKING NEWS: Children under 10 Licensed to Use Shotguns – The youngest child to be granted a license was just seven years old. Now over to the sports news with Moritz…

At 13:34, Moritz wrote: Australia has achieved 260 runs for their 50 overs against India in the first innings. Ricky Ponting (the captain of the Australian side) got 104 from 118 balls with 8 boundaries!

At 13:34, Moritz wrote: Australia has achieved 260 runs for their 50 overs against India in the first innings. Ricky Ponting (the captain of the Australian side) got 104 from 118 balls with 8 boundaries!

At 13:36, Emma wrote: Hello everybody. This programme is great! Maybe we can use it for sports day, but anyway, I’m handing you over to Ben G who will give you tomorrow’s weather. 😀

At 13:39, Ben G wrote: This is Ben G with tomorrow’s weather in the UK. Friday morning is going to be clouding, by mid day it’s going to be sunny with a bit of cloud and Friday night there will be some cloud. The temperature is going to be to 15-17°C. This was Ben G with the weather thank you and I will see you soon.

At 13:42, James wrote: We will return to Emma shortly but remember if you want to see the finished school news report then you will soon find it at http://www.waltonhigh.org.uk now to Emma…

At 13:47, Emma wrote: Hello again. We are now filming our headlines with Ellie and Ben. I’m SO excited, as after this, we are going to edit it all together. The weather has been great outside, so we are missing it slightly, as we have been indoors all day. Mr Pledger is making Ellie laugh again – WHILST filming!!!! And we are trying to keep straight faces so that we don’t laugh during the filming. Ellie is laughing again . . . 😀 I am now going to link to our computer genius, Joe . . . who is busy, so we are going to get a cricket update from Moritz. 😀 Back soon!

At 13:50, Moritz wrote: Well, here I am again with another cricket update in the match between Australia and India. As you already know Australia achieved a mediocre score of 260 in their 50 overs. India have scored 31 from 5.3 overs, no batsmen out. This will be a really close game because if we do the maths, namely 31/5.3 then multiplying the answer by 50 will give us the expected total if the strong batsmen do not get out. This equation makes us expect the game to go to India, the team scoring 292. However there are a lot of factors in cricket so we cannot be certain…

At 13:53, Emma wrote: Thank you Moritz. Ellie is still in hysterics in our studio and it’s nearly the end of my shift!!! D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: I am now going to hand you over to JAMES . . .

At 13:57, James wrote: well here I am again for the last update of the lunchtime show. Well we are currently filming the very last thing and its taking ages. Also everyone else is writing their accounts of the day so that’s all for now I’ll have more in 20 minutes. Back to Emma

At 13:59, Emma wrote: Hello everybody, though I might as well say goodbye. It is the end of my shift (WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!) so I shall (sob) hand you over to (sob) Tommy and Megan for (sob) the drive time. (Sob). Bye.

At 14:01, Tommy wrote: Thank you Emma. This is Drivetime with Megan and me, Tommy. It’s 2pm and this is the final hour of our coverage. We have got so much coming up. First, though, the news with Amy…

At 14:04, Amy B wrote: Hello, it is Amy here reporting on the most recent news – BAA Plans £50m Heathrow investment to avoid snow chaos. Some 4,000 flights were cancelled during the five days of heavy snowfall. Now over to Moritz with the news on cricket…

At 14:06 , Moritz wrote: India’s Sehwag has been bowled out in the cricket, India currently on 48 for 1 after 8.3 overs…Australia has a higher chance of winning now due to Sehwag being one of the best batsmen…let’s see if the Aussies can bowl out Tendulkar as well!

At 14:09, Megan wrote: Thanks Moritz… wait, ‘back to?!’ I’ve only had one post! But finally I have the chance, every time I tried to do it before, someone else was taking it! 😀 Now for the weather, with Ben G (who happens to be my brother)…

At 14:13, Ben G wrote: Thank you Megan, well, Saturday will be cloudy in the morning then in the afternoon there still cloud but in the south west it is sunny in the night is cloudy the temperature is 12-14. Thank you, I will be back soon.

At 14:15, Tommy wrote: Ben that was great! Thank you. Now, coming up on Drivetime: more correspondents and a cricket update! Now though, let’s get the latest from the media suite, with our Chief Correspondent James…

At 14:17, James wrote: ok here’s another update. Everything’s calming down now and all filming’s done. The editing team are in full swing everything’s fine, back to Megan

At 14:18, Megan wrote: The technical team of course being Peter, James B and John (might be someone else as well)… the blog post limits and the team choices are making me worried. 😦 Here comes Peter with more specifics.

At 14:20, Peter wrote: Filming finished, editing has begun! No problems so far…

At 14:22, Tommy wrote: More tech news towards the end of our coverage. Now, she’s was reporting on the weather all morning. Now she is acting as our environment correspondent. I now join Caitlin, who is busy at work on her computer…

At 14:24, Caitlin wrote: Hi I am here with today’s environmental news. Lots of big companies are unaware of the effect they are having on the environment. If they carry on using up all of the resources this quickly then all of our planets rainforests could be destroyed. Luckily we are all trying hard to help the environment.

At 14:26, Megan wrote: I’ll try and report something for a change. Well, young boys are acting out a suicide blast in Pakistan (!!!!!) and two of the nuclear workers in Japan are in hospital. How sad. 😦 Why can’t we get happy news for a change?! Then again, there is that ferret…

At 14:27, Tommy wrote: Coming up on Drive time: The final hour! The tech team under pressure! And a special surprise, waiting at the end! This is the BBC News School Report Newsday, taking over Drivetime!

At 14:30 , Amy B wrote: BREAKING NEWS – UK Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan, two soldiers from 1st Battalion Irish Guards have been killed in an explosion in Afghanistan just six days before they were due to return to the UK. Now over to Moritz with the cricket news…

At 14:31, Moritz wrote: The match is still close…India now with 67 for 1 from 13 overs.

At 14:33, Ben G wrote: Thank you on Sunday it will be cloudy in the morning in the afternoon it will be partially sunny and the temperature is between 14-16 thank you, see you later.

At 14:34, Emma wrote: Hello! We are currently writing our reviews of the day. We are having a few technical problems but the WH techs are dealing with it. Handing over to Tommy now . …

At 14:36, Tommy wrote: It’s nice to see Emma appearing on here again! She did an amazing job through the lunch break. She might be back a little later. Now, the weird and wonderful with Eden…

At 14:37, Eden wrote: Camels have three eye lids. Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones shared a room at Harvard University. Celery has negative calories; it takes more calories to eat it than it gives. This has been Eden.

At 14:39, Helena wrote: Thanks Eden. Well, we are currently all writing up what we’ve been doing. I am asking all the teams how they got on.

At 14:40, Megan wrote: Why isn’t the micro blog on the site updated yet?! Anyways, Tommy’s got more Minstrels. Where did he get them all? Oh, and on topic – there are apparently more ‘sham marriages’ now – fake marriages to let immigrants in the UK stay. How evil! Back to whoever now.

At 14:43, Inga wrote: I think this is the first blog post I’ve done in my life! How weird is that! I’m really enjoying today! It been awesome!xxx 😛

At 14:44, Tommy wrote: We now have a very exciting post coming up. Ellie, one of our newsreaders, will now share her experiences of filming in front of the cameras.

At 14:46, Ellie wrote: Filming has been great, it has all come together (after controlling the giggles) all the editing it now happening and hopefully an amazing report will be the result. Bye for now 🙂

At 14:48, James wrote: Well here I am with a short update just to say it’s getting a bit hectic here but all else is fine. Now to Megan

At 14:49, Megan wrote: Thank you. Now what are we going to do? I’ll try to persuade Joe to UPDATE THE WEBSITE, of course! Yay! 😀 Now to Peter for more techie updates.

At 14:50, Peter wrote: Aggh, the movie file formats are ALL WRONG! They’re being formatted now. Over to Caitlin.

At 14:52, Caitlin wrote: Hi, I have to tell you all what I would like to see next time. I think that it has been really good today however to improve it I would make sure everyone goes out around the school a bit more. 🙂

At 14:53, Tommy wrote: We’re coming up to three o’clock. Chief Correspondent James has an update on the atmosphere of the media suite. Ben S will then share his experiences of filming the BBC News School Report.

At 14:54, James wrote: so here’s another quick update everyone’s now relaxing apart from the tech team who are hard at work- and of course the blogging team. Now to Ben S

At 14:57, Megan wrote: All is going well. Just looking at random news. Very interesting. All is fine. 😀 Soon, Ben S will post after 3 and Amy’s got more news. So in the meantime, I have to find something intriguing for my next post…

At 15:00 , Amy B wrote: BREAKING NEWS – France Shoots Down Libyan Plane; French warplanes have shot down a Libyan plane in the first incident of its kind since enforcement of the UN no-fly zone began, a US official said. Now over to Ben S with experiences before the camera…

At 15:02, Ben wrote: As the male anchor man, it is important to look good before the camera. Even when being naturally handsome like myself, you still need to put in extra effort for that cheesy smile. Anyway. Here’s Ben G

At 15:04 , Ben G wrote: On Monday morning there cloud with a bit of sunshine in the afternoon there’s sunshine but in a medium sized area south east and in the night there s plenty of cloud and the temperature is 14-17C. Thank you.

At 15:05, Tommy wrote: This is Drive time. Our coverage of the School Report Day is continuing until 1600. Lots to come. Megan and I will be with you throughout the hour. Now, let’s get a technology update from Peter…

At 15:07, Peter wrote: Woop! Video clips are all formatted, so editing has now commenced! Over to Megan!

At 15:08, Megan wrote: Thanks Pete. The day has gone well. Only half an hour left – yes! 😀 But I’ve got lots of maths homework… no… 😦 Oh well, home soon!

At 15:10, James wrote: here’s just a quick update everything is pretty much done and I think people will be leaving soon. Anyway see you in 20 minutes.

At 15:11, Helena wrote: Hello again. Time is going by quite quickly. I have almost finished my PowerPoint on different teams. It was really interesting to learn what other people had been doing today.

At 15:13 , Amy wrote: hi how is everyone I have just finished my account for today well when I say nearly finished I mean finished about 5 mins ago see you all soon

At 15:14, Tommy wrote: We’re counting down until 1600! Not because we hate this, but because we want to celebrate an achievement, that has been put together by students and only students! Next up: James, our Chief Correspondent, with the latest updates…

At 15:16, James wrote: to give a quick update people are now just chilling and no one has much to do because we have pretty much finished anyway that’s it from me for now more in 20 minutes bye

At 15:18, Emma wrote: Hello. Amy and I are preparing something for Joseph. We are hiding it as best as we can but he seems to be clueing in into what is up . . .

At 15:19, Peter wrote: First link done. God knows how many more left.

At 15:20, Megan wrote: Wow. The AC is on and it’s very chilly! Oh, and 15 minutes left. I hope I actually get around to watching the news clips this time…

At 15:23, James Y wrote: Hi just been sorting the clips to see with ones are good, I’ll keep you updated; James Y

At 15:25, Tommy wrote: The news is coming up at half past three. Now, though, we’re getting some breaking news. Megan has got more…

At 15:26, Megan wrote: The others are busy right now. But there appears to be new news all the time! Two 7.0 scale earthquakes have just hit Burma! I hope there aren’t any deaths…

At 15:28, James wrote: just to say this isn’t an update I’m just covering things are getting pretty hectic here. As you just heard there have been 2 7.0 earthquakes in Burma now for the news

At 15:29, Amy B wrote: BREAKING NEWS: North-East Burma Has Been Hit by Two 7.0 Magnitude Earthquakes, close to the borders with Laos & Thailand stated the US Geological Survey.

At 15:31, Ben G wrote: In Friday morning it is sunny with a bit of cloud that at 9:00 at 12 is sunny and sunny for the rest of the day the temperature is 15-17. Thank you this is my last post bye.

At 15:32, Amy wrote: hi people I’ve been told to blog to get numbers up come on blogging team we can do it

At 15:33, Peter wrote: First report has been started! Will we finish!?

At 15:34, Ellie wrote: Bye guys, I won’t be able to get on from now, BYE! 😀

At 15:36, Eden wrote: Penguins are the only bird who can swim and not fly.

At 15:37 , James Y wrote: Almost done sorting I’ll tell you when I’m done, That’s almost it from me……

At 15:39 , Megan wrote: Well, I’m just about to go. Thanks guys, News Day has been awesome, with my friends and this blog. I wonder how…? Never mind. Bye, and thanks for the fun! 😀

At 15:39 , Tommy wrote: Right. The final countdown has begun. So much to write. So little time. If we make it to 200 posts, Joseph will dance his socks off. Come on people!

At 15:40 , Amy wrote: come on everyone im missing puplic speaking for this we can do it

At 15:41 , Emma wrote: Hello. i really want to see Joseph dance. So yeah, bye!!! The day has been great. 😀

At 15:42 , James wrote: Hi just to say this is high energy work

At 15:43 , Helena wrote: Hello. Today has been really great. I woulld like to do it next year.

At 15:43 , Helena wrote: The pressure is on. It is too much for my brain to handle!!!

At 15:44 , James Y wrote: Hi not done yet but cant do it by the end of the day. james y bbc news sighning out

At 15:45 , Tommy wrote: This is Drivetime. Continuous coverage of the BBC News School Report. Live in the media suite, our correspondents are getting ready to post blog entries.

At 15:46 , Emma wrote: I

At 15:46 , Emma wrote: am

At 15:46 , Emma wrote: posting

At 15:46 , Emma wrote: as many entries as I can!!! 😀

At 15:47 , Amy wrote: hey come on we can do it 200 isnt that far away

At 15:47 , Amy wrote: yes only a few more 4:15 is the limit

At 15:48 , James wrote: right im going to make this quick just saying we can do tyhis come on get to 200 words

At 15:50 , Eden wrote: Okay guys, have you noticed the lack of decent posts? No? Just me? Okay… Did you know: A company in taipan makes plates out of wheat so you can eat your plate. DANCE JOSEPH DANCE!

At 15:50 , James wrote:  me again just to say it’s been a great day and the big blog rush is going great

At 15:51 , Amy wrote: best day ever is about to get better dance joe dance

At 15:52 , James wrote: me again just racking up thenumbers we can do it

At 15:54 , Tommy wrote: I have had one of the best days of my school life. I’d love it to end with my best breakfast friend, Joseph, dancing his socks off. We’ve got the latest news at 4pm, with Emma…

At 15:55 , Amy wrote: hi guys my little brother is outside the window playing netball for a tournament

At 15:56 , Helena wrote: Come on everybody! We can do it! We can reach our target!

At 15:57 , Amy wrote: come on guys its not too far we need as much support as we can get however it would help if we got some more teacher comments

At 15:59 , Tommy wrote: Thank you Amy. Now, the blog team are preparing for entry 200. It’s coming up to 4pm. Now lets get the latest news, home and abroad, with Emma…

At 16:00 , Emma wrote: Hello. Latest news: French warplanes have shot down a Libyan plane in the first incident of its kind since enforcement of the UN no-fly zone began, a US official said. A senior Met Police officer has denied conspiring with the News of the World newspaper to protect journalists from phone-hacking allegations.

At 16:01 , Eden wrote: Hello, I don’t have any facts so I’m going to ramble. You know what I hate now a days? Chavs, they strut around, with their mainstream slothes and it hacks me off. I really like cake!

At 16:02 , Helena wrote: Hi mum if your reading this thanks for reading this bye.

At 16:03 , Ben G wrote: Guys we must make joe dance.

At 16:04 , James wrote: this me saying good night

At 16:05 , Aicha wrote: hi this is me i want to see jospeh dance !!!

At 16:07 , Mr G wrote: Congratulations to the blogosphere team for their fantastic updates throughout the day 🙂 Hopefully by this time next week we’ll have the video and audio footage uploaded for everyone to enjoy and to see the fruits of our hard labour.


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