The first set of photos is now here!


Take a look at the first set of photos from today’s School Report – there’ll be more later:


Also in the news…Friar Tuck!

More news on haircuts from Sarah…

A man who looks like Friar Tuck is being hunted by the police for mugging old women. He has the same haircut as Friar Tuck and the police believe that he is responsible for seven robberies in the last month in Coventry. All of the attacks happened on the same side of the city. The police have said that “these are despicable, cowardly crimes with elderly ladies being specifically targeted before being ambushed from behind.”

Football prediction time!

Take a look at how the School Report team here have predicted that this weekend’s Premier League scores will end up. A little persuasion may have been involved on my part to give Norwich an average of nearly 21 goals (which still wouldn’t serve to make our goal difference positive)! Have a peek and see if you agree:

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Also in the news…North Korean Haircuts

Also in the news today are stories regarding new haircutting laws in North Korea – Sarah has all of the details…

North Koreans are now required to get haircuts like Kim Jong-un under new state-sanctioned guidelines. They were brought into Pyongyang a few weeks ago but are now being spread across the whole of North Korea. All men have to have the teddy-boy haircut. Haircuts have always been controlled by the state; you used to have to choose between 28 different styles. They even had a hit TV show with ‘Let’s Trim Our Hair in Accordance to the Socialist Lifestyle’. Some people, unsurprisingly, were not too happy with this idea, stating that it is ‘very particular’ and doesn’t go with everyone’s face shape.

Running order for today

A running order has been finalised on the whiteboard in front of me now, and here’s a rundown of how the report will go:

  • Conflicts in the Ukraine and Putin’s involvement
  • Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370
  • Cruelty at an Amsterdam zoo
  • “Burger King Girl” – your guess is as good as mine!
  • Centenary of WWI
  • A preview of films to come in the next month
  • School news
  • Plus an ‘and finally’ – on cupcakes!

Welcome to School Report 2014

The day is underway, and our reporters are beginning to find stories ready for broadcast. Having watched (and cringed!) at last year’s report, a brief running order is being sketched out on the whiteboard. Watch this space for more details throughout the day, and updates from the blogging team when the filming and writing begins.

BBC School Report 2014

It’s 2014, and BBC School Report is coming to Walton High again. With so many
exciting stories in school, the wider community, and nationally that have grabbed
the interest of our students, it’s sure to make our legendary programme even
better this year. So stay tuned for updates here over the next few weeks!

The Walton High School Report team

Article for Walton Highlights

Megan G’s article for the school newsletter, Walton Highlights, follows:

As you may have heard, on Thursday the 21st of March, Walton High carried out its fourth annual BBC School Report. Things carried out as usual for the most part – we started off by choosing stories and writing scripts, then moved onto filming our news anchors who read out the news and finally edited it all into the final version – which you can now see on the Walton High website.
We ended up with a huge range of stories – our international team looked at the forced adoption apology issued by the Australian Prime Minister, our national team covered the recent Budget, our school team reported on World Book Day at Walton High, and our sports team looked at the recent Man City results. A new addition to our usual School Report teams were the technology and internet teams, who looked at a new game announcement and Twitter’s 7th birthday respectively. Also, this year we had access to a wider range of more professional technology such as green screens and autocues, allowing us to make our news broadcast even better!
Of course, this would not be complete without mentioning the official School Report blogs on both WordPress and Twitter, both of which can be visited from the school website. On these, we updated with our current progress, photographs of what we had done and thoughts from the crew – as well as some news stories – throughout the day. The views quickly increased as we carried on with our filming.
Overall, BBC School Report was an enjoyable experience for all involved and a great way to get involved both in school activities and in the world of journalism. The day turned out great and we are interested so see how it will change in the years to come!
The people who were involved in BBC School Report were Georgia T, Joseph W, Emily W, Ben C, Amy S, Megan G, Alice M, Ben E, Jake A, Jack D, Katherine I, Toby I, James S, Matthew-Lee F, Helena Z, Sarah D, Eden S-S, Lacey F, Matthew L, Enya S, Emma D, Jamilia K-E, Lewis S, Tommy S, Kathleen C and of course Mr George, who organised the day.

Newsday is over, but there’s more to come yet!

Thank you to all of our Twitter followers, blog readers and supporters today! But don’t forget, this whole blog site will remain online until next year’s School Report, and there’s still all of the video files – the fruits of our labour – going online soon, the first of which is due later today (fingers crossed)!

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