Inside School Report #5 – Lacey

Inside School Report
After we all got there [the school], we started by selecting which story we would do – I chose a story about a girl who was abandoned by her young mother at a Burger King but found her mother after 28 years having sent an image out through social media. I researched the story and found all the relevant information I could. We then went and did our reports after learning the scripts to a certain extent. It was quite hard doing the report but I thought it went quite well and by lunch everyone had finished. After we finished we had a little break and a joke while the editing team got to work. After we ate the editing continued and we set to writing our blogs…


Running order for today

A running order has been finalised on the whiteboard in front of me now, and here’s a rundown of how the report will go:

  • Conflicts in the Ukraine and Putin’s involvement
  • Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370
  • Cruelty at an Amsterdam zoo
  • “Burger King Girl” – your guess is as good as mine!
  • Centenary of WWI
  • A preview of films to come in the next month
  • School news
  • Plus an ‘and finally’ – on cupcakes!