Inside School Report #9 – Matthew

Inside School Report
The day had began… very dark and dreary. Until I sat upon the chair of youth and began unscrambling the stories of the world onto a Windows 7 computer. (Even though Windows 8 was brought out a year ago.) So it was till then the amazing Mr Dunning had inspired me through the world of camera work. Today I took very stunning photos of the team and recorded my very own report about cruelty in zoos. However the most productive time of the day was when I had stolen headphones from Matt, and subsequently forced him to create beautiful memes of each and every one of us. Today I had also performed as weather reporter and rubbed my hands against a blank green screen (a highlight of the day.) But it wasn’t until I had taken a picture of purple tie and checked shirt (Eden) that it was complete… because then I could leave… BBC school report has been an amazing experience and a great way in which to experience different aspects of media. It really has given me a deep insight into the world of news reports and has been one of the best ALDs yet.


Inside School Report #3 – Matthew

Inside School Report
This post, in the style of John Agard’s Checking out me History was submitted by Matthew

Dem tell me bout sem skool report
An’ dem computers an’ ol’ sorts
Dem tell me bout Joseph
But dem never tell me bout Lawrence’s murder
He kill dem
All of dem ee kil al’ de people.
Dem tell me bout John Agard
And al’ ‘e say guard
Dem tell me ol’ king Dunners was a merry old soul
But dem never tell me bout Georgia
And ‘er anker
Dem tell me, but they never tell me
And now me checking out mi skool report.