Inside School Report #4 – Lawrence

Inside School Report
We arrived promptly at 8:16 ready for an 8:30 start to the school report day. Right from the start, the banter was flowing, disses and cusses flying to and fro. Immediately we split our roles and decided what story each of us will report, from massive international stories to local stories and heart-warming tales. I went to BBC to find out all about the Ukraine crisis to give the reader a solid idea of the conflict as well as updating people on the latest stories, in this case Obama‚Äôs most recent reaction. We joked and had a good laugh with teachers and students alike so we could both have an enjoyable time and give an informative and successful report at the same time. We all went off to do our reports, mine went splendidly and I was flawless! Then we went to lunch and after we wrote our separate blog explaining what we did throughout the day. Mine went like this…