Inside School Report #6 – Sarah

Inside School Report
Today has been… interesting to say the least. The filming got done very early this time so I had a lot of time to look at odd news headlines and write a few of them up for the blog. We had the computers to gather all the information for our main news reports – I did the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. We made various GIFs of various people (our favourite being the one of Matt in the field). There was a bit of dead time where nobody was really doing anything, but overall it was a very enjoying sort of day. It’s going to be my last school report as next year I will be too old to do it again, and I’m glad that it was so enjoyable.


Also in the news…Car theives

A man who was trying to steal a car fled, terrified, after finding a mummified body in the boot. The owner of the Volkswagen Passat, Dean Patton, is the founder of the Big Heritage Group in Wirral. He had a replica peat-bog mummy body in his boot after showcasing it at a local museum. Mr Patton said “Although it is very disappointing that we had items stolen it brings a smile to my face that whoever committed the break in was clearly scared by what they found,”

Also in the news…Friar Tuck!

More news on haircuts from Sarah…

A man who looks like Friar Tuck is being hunted by the police for mugging old women. He has the same haircut as Friar Tuck and the police believe that he is responsible for seven robberies in the last month in Coventry. All of the attacks happened on the same side of the city. The police have said that “these are despicable, cowardly crimes with elderly ladies being specifically targeted before being ambushed from behind.”

Football prediction time!

Take a look at how the School Report team here have predicted that this weekend’s Premier League scores will end up. A little persuasion may have been involved on my part to give Norwich an average of nearly 21 goals (which still wouldn’t serve to make our goal difference positive)! Have a peek and see if you agree:

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Also in the news…North Korean Haircuts

Also in the news today are stories regarding new haircutting laws in North Korea – Sarah has all of the details…

North Koreans are now required to get haircuts like Kim Jong-un under new state-sanctioned guidelines. They were brought into Pyongyang a few weeks ago but are now being spread across the whole of North Korea. All men have to have the teddy-boy haircut. Haircuts have always been controlled by the state; you used to have to choose between 28 different styles. They even had a hit TV show with ‘Let’s Trim Our Hair in Accordance to the Socialist Lifestyle’. Some people, unsurprisingly, were not too happy with this idea, stating that it is ‘very particular’ and doesn’t go with everyone’s face shape.